OMG Events Inc at 271 Jevlan Drive #3, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8A4

Full information about Establishment and florist OMG Events Inc at 271 Jevlan Drive #3, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8A4


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+1 905-960-2886

271 Jevlan Drive #3, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario L4L 8A4
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  • Trisha P
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I wish I had the option of rating OMG events a zero. I heard about OMG events through a friend that booked Alex for her wedding. I reached out to Alex regarding a consultation and she recommended that I visit a venue they were booked to decorate. The setup was pretty, so I booked a 1:1 consultation with Alex a few weeks later. At this point, I thought Alex was amazing and I was really excited to meet with her and potentially work with her for my decor, but that all changed once I told her my vision. I told Alex exactly what I wanted, along with showing her pictures and she blatantly told me that my vision was boring and that she wouldn't waste taking my the heck is an almost $7,000 quote going to look boring?! Yes, Alex quoted me almost $7,000 and told me I didn't have enough and that my room would look boring, however, it was MY VISION! If I want "boring" that's what I want!! I was in shock because I never experienced a vendor act this way & Alex went on to say that she has a strong personality and not everyone was going to like her and if we didn't like her vision/ideas, we could end the consultation.

    Not to mention, we discussed the work she did at my friends wedding back in 2014 and she gave me a look and said that they just started back then and that it wasn't one of her proudest moments....are you kidding me??!! This was extremely rude and the icing on the cake for not wanting to book with Alex.
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OMG Events | Toronto's Wedding and Event Decorators
O.M.G Events is a full service event planning and decor service. O.M.G. Events does much more than create exceptional events. Alexandria & Mark Damouni collaborate with you to ensure the integrity of your vision and the success of your events, delivering customized services to unique clients – event strategy, budgeting, venue selection, design, décor, catering, vendor management, project management, personal assistance, and onsite execution. Creativity and style are apparent in every aspect of our events. W
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